The Best Snorkel Vest for Easy Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the most fun things you’ll ever experience. The thrill of swimming alongside strange creatures and exploring the beauty under the ocean’s surface can hardly be matched. But like with any water-based activity, there’s always the risk of accident or danger in the ocean, especially if it’s […] Read more »

The Best Women’s Life Vests – Reshaping Safety

best women's life vest

More women are taking part in water-based sports than ever, and doing a great job of proving that they’re at least as good as most men. They do face some special challenges though. A lot of safety gear has traditionally been made to suit the male figure and quite often […] Read more »

Extreme Vests – Best Wakeboarding Life Jackets

best life jacket for water sports

If you enjoy water sports such as wakeboarding or water skiing, it’s essential to have the right safety gear – water can be dangerous, after all. That’s why a large aisle in every marine sports shop is filled with flotation devices. Not all life vests are the same, though; a […] Read more »

Sail Safe – Top Rated Sailing Life Jackets

Astral Buoyancy V-Eight Life Jacket

Sailing is one of the most fun things you can do, but it does have its hazards. You’re out on the water by definition, and it’s easy to end up in it instead. A capsizing dinghy will have you swimming right away, and while a yacht’s more stable a simple […] Read more »

Best Canoe And Kayak Life Vests – Gear You Really Need

Whenever you’re on or near water it’s sensible to have the right safety gear, but it’s never more important than when you’re out in a canoe or kayak. These agile little craft are great fun and very useful for hunting and fishing, but they’re also notoriously unstable and prone to […] Read more »