17 Activities Where a Life Jacket Should Be Worn

When you think of a life jacket, emergencies or extreme water sports might come to mind. Yet having a good life jacket is an important safety measure for a wide range of water-based activities. The following 17 activities should all involve wearing a PFD (personal floatation device), and we’ll tell you why. Boating It should … Read more

How to Store a Kayak – 7 Smart Storage Ideas

kayak storage ideas

One of the biggest disadvantages to owning a traditional hardshell kayak is that it takes up more space than an inflatable kayak. Storing your hardshell is an important part of preserving it and not just a means to get it our of the way when not in use. The following kayak storage ideas are some … Read more

The Rise and Fall of Flying Boating Tubes

In the event you’ve never heard of flying boat tubes, you’re probably not alone. The sport only lasted for a little over a year, but was very popular during that brief period. So just what are these flying boat tubes and why were they so short-lived? Flying Boating Tubes Take Off Man has always been … Read more

How to Save Someone From Drowning and Get Them to Safety

Swimming naturally goes along with summertime like sunglasses and flip flops. People of all ages enjoy swimming and it’s an excellent source of exercise and enjoyment. It’s smart, though, to know some good tips to save a drowning person just in case the unforeseen and unexpected ever happens. No one wants to think about having … Read more

Life Jacket Wear Rate Statistics

Have you every wondered what percentage of people actually wear life jackets in various situations? Based off USCG Boating’s excellent annual Life Jacket Wear Rate Observation Study, we’ve put their data in an easy to read chart format. The study was conducted by JSI Research and Training Institute and 2017 was the 19th year data … Read more

Secondary Drowning: What Every Parent Should Know

Consider this scenario: You were out enjoying a sunny afternoon swimming at the lake and your child seemed to swallow or inhale a small amount of water. They cough for a minute or so, and then they seem fine. You might think nothing of it since kids (and adults) often accidentally swallow some water when … Read more

7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sunburned at the Beach

The sun can feel absolutely blissful especially after a stretch of cloudy, rainy weather or after a long winter. People love getting out in the sun and they especially love spending time at the beach after dreary days. Relaxing on the beach with a good book, listening to the waves softly lap on the shore, … Read more

Top 12 Fun Beach Activities for Toddlers

Sunny summer days spent playing and splashing at the beach can quickly become some of your toddler’s fondest memories. They’ll look back on these days and place them among the best and most fun times they enjoyed when they were little. If they’re like many people, they’ll never outgrow their love for the beach. With … Read more

7 Essential Supplies Every Boat Should Have

essential boating supplies

Nothing is more refreshing than being out on the open seas, with the wind in your hair and the sea salt in your face. Or maybe cruising across a clear lake with fresh air all around you. Whatever your pleasure, being prepared is crucial before stepping foot in your boat for it’s maiden voyage. When … Read more

Backyard Pool Safety Tips

backyard pool safety tips

When the heat of the summer sun gets a little too much to bare, people will take refuge at the beach or at a pool. Public beaches and pools normally have lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of all participants at the facility. This is not the case with household pools you find in … Read more