3 Best Water Trampolines and Bouncers for Hours of Family Fun

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If you really want to amp up the fun factor at the lake this summer, a water trampoline or bouncer is just what you’re looking for. The best water trampoline and bouncer will keep the kids (and adults) entertained for hours. Not only that, it’s great exercise too!

When you’re on vacation at the lake, it’s so much better than seeing them sit inside playing video games or watching Netflix. Best of all, adults can get in on the fun, too. You could even incorporate it into your summer exercise routine to add some extra variety and fun to your workout!

Note:  Keep in mind that water trampolines and water bouncers are different. Trampolines use springs while bouncers have a nylon webbing mat directly attached to the frame.

So if you’re looking to get a lot of airtime, a water trampoline is your best bet. See the FAQ section below for more info.

Our 3 Favorite Water Trampolines and Bouncers

best water trampolineRave Sports Aqua Jump EclipseTrampoline15'4 kids or 700 lbs
best large water bouncerIsland Hopper Bounce N SplashBouncer17'5 kids or 1000 lbs
kids water bouncerRave O-Zone PlusBouncer5'2 kids or 500 lbs

Water Trampoline Reviews

#1 – Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Park

The Aqua Jump Eclipse water trampoline features a creative design that sets up easily. The design is very unique for a water trampoline because there’s no heavy steel frame around the perimeter. That means 30% more jump space with a faster set up and a much lighter weight product.

Faster set up means more time for jumping and splashing fun! This big water trampoline is made from mold and mildew resistant 28-ounce reinforced PVC with heat welded seams, so you know it will last a long time.

The removal of the frame doesn’t hurt the performance of this product at all. In fact, this trampoline is made with the highest quality materials and best engineering capabilities on the market.

For the highest jumps, make sure the tube is properly inflated. It should be firm to the touch, like a basketball.

This 15′ water trampoline is probably the most popular size but variations are also available up to a 25′ diameter (extra $$$ of course).

The Eclipse comes with a ladder that makes it easy to get on from the water, and you will appreciate the padded spring cover for added safety. An anchor connect kit and an inflator pump are also included.

The Eclipse is large enough to accommodate four kids or two adults at the same time. With a 65-square foot jump surface, get ready for some serious family fun!

This water park even has a large Aqua Log and an Aqua Launch for added thrills! Sit at the end of the Aqua Launch while another person jumps on the other end and you’ll literally soar through the air!

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One owner mentioned that the PVC material will stretch out after a week or two of being blown up and then more air can be added. You should top off the air if the trampoline becomes a little soft, because you will get the best bounce when it’s nice and firm.

All the fun does come at a cost though. While typical backyard trampolines are super common and may set you back a few hundred dollars, water trampolines are much more complex to manufacture and are priced out of the budgets of most families.

But if your budget allows or you run a summer camp, hotel, beach house rental, or other recreational facility, nothing (other than maybe a good towable tube) can compare to the fun that will be had with true water trampolines from Rave Sports.

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#2 – Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer

The Bounce-N-Splash is a padded 17′ water bouncer with a springless design. It features an interlaced nylon webbing bouncing surface and a 1000 denier PVC heavy duty bladder.

The unit has 6 anchor tie D-rings for safe and secure anchoring. It comes with a six step “easy access” ladder and 12 swimming assist handles to help you get on from the water. It’s the perfect size for a lake trampoline.

It only takes about 15 minutes to blow up this bouncer with a big inflator, shop vac, or air compressor, but plan on 30 minutes or so with a smaller inflator. This is super easy to set up and take down, with no extra assembly required.

If you want to kick the fun up a notch, consider buying the water slide attachment to go with it!

Be aware that the water will absorb some of your bounce, so you’re probably not going to get as much height as you would with a land trampoline. Some parents felt this was a plus though, since their kids’ jumping was more controlled.

You will definitely get the best bounce if it’s fully inflated, though, so be prepared to top it off as needed. Island Hopper stand behind this product with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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#3 – Rave O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

The O-Zone Bouncer is the perfect size for 2 kids to bounce on together. It’s probably the best water bouncer for kids due to its low price. This super cute bouncing platform includes a slide for added fun and excitement. The jump surface is 5 feet in diameter.

Kids of all ages will find it very easy to get on this bouncer from the water, thanks to the low profile, 48” boarding platform, and 2 mounting handles.

There are also rope hand holds around the perimeter of the platform to assist children in getting from the slide to the boarding platform.

Set-up of the O-Zone Plus couldn’t be easier! It comes fully assembled, and since there aren’t any springs, all you have to do is take it out of the box, fill it with air, and put it on the water.

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A 40-pound capacity anchor bag is included for you to fill with sand to keep the platform in place, but you should be prepared to add an additional anchor on a busy lake with lots of big wakes.

The smaller size makes this bouncer much easier to get out of the water than most other bouncers. Kids life jackets should be worn for smaller kids and life jackets are recommended in general for any water trampoline or bouncer.

This is a great bouncer for the kids, and moms and dads will love lounging on it when the kids aren’t using it. This small water trampoline would be perfect to take on your next family vacation at the lake. At such an affordable price, it’s well worth the money!

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Water Trampoline vs. Water Bouncer – What’s the difference?

Water trampolines are quite different from bouncers. Water trampolines have springs that connect the jumping surface to the trampolines frame. Each spring has to be connected from the bounce surface to the frame when setting up.

Bouncers don’t have any springs. The jump surface is attached right to the supporting frame. Bouncers are usually easier to set up because there’s no assembly required. However, you can expect a better bounce on a water trampoline, thanks to the springs.

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Are water trampolines safe?

Yes! Just make sure the trampoline you buy is suited for the people who will be using it. Pay attention to the capacity and weight limits set by the manufacturer.

Obviously, children should always be supervised when using a water trampoline. Life vests are also a good idea, especially for younger children or those who aren’t strong swimmers.

Since time flies when you and your kids are having fun, sunscreen at regular intervals is important and users may even want to wear rash guards while on the trampoline/bouncer.

Water trampolines and bouncers can provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike! Who says exercise can’t be fun?

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  1. Yikes! I had a hard time spending $300 on our trampoline in the backyard. Didn’t realize water trampolines were so expensive.

  2. @JP22 – I hear you but if you live on the water or have a lake home, it’s sooo worth it! Ever since my kids were at camp a couple years ago, they’ve been wanting one. We made them a deal and they actually agreed to forfeit Disneyland for a trampoline. We ended up getting a Rave Sports model (I think it’s 12′) last month and they literally use it almost every day. For our family it was either 3 days in Disneyland or a water trampoline we could use every summer. Once I put it that way, it wasn’t so painful to spend the money. Only thing I wish we would have done different is get a larger diameter model. The 15′ would probably be perfect but I believe they sell them in a 20+ foot diameter.


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