Best Swim Goggles for Recreational Swimmers (Adults and Kids)

One of the most commonly overlooked accessories for the water are swimming goggles. The best swim goggles will obviously keep water out to protect the eyes from a wide range of irritants, fit comfortably, not fog up, and offer high visibility by not blocking your peripheral vision.

While some prefer to look for a pair of swimming goggles with a nose cover for open water swimming, the average pool swimmer will enjoy a pair without any nose covering. The following four pairs (2 options for adults; 2 for kids) of goggles are among the best out there in terms of fit, function, and value. Once you experience quality, you’ll never want to go back to generic goggles.

TOP PICKS (for Adults):

SealBuddy PV10 Swim Goggles

Swimmers who want the best in water goggles need look no further than SealBuddy’s PV10. With soft silicone gaskets specially designed to accommodate most facial shapes in a flexible one-piece frame, these goggles provide a water-tight fit that won’t impair your vision.

The PV10s are currently available in four frame colors (blue, green, red, and white) along with three types of lenses (smoke, clear, and mirrored). Most will want to opt for the clear lenses for simple recreational use. The high-quality lenses provide numerous benefits, including:

  • 100 percent protection against both UV-A and UV-B radiation
  • Shatter and scratch resistance against normal impacts
  • Anti-fogging
  • Mirror-coated
  • High-density optical-grade PVC

Additionally, these goggles have a sleek look and fully protect your eyes. They’re among the most comfortable goggles on the market, without sacrificing quality or functionality. Hypoallergenic with skin-friendly strap, quick release, and easy adjustability, there’s a reason why these SealBuddy goggles are so popular.

These goggles have provided comfort for many who have had trouble finding a pair that fits without adding pressure around the eyes. The wider field of vision makes them an excellent accessory for shallow dives and sports. A few users have even admitted to wearing these goggles while doing yard work (usually due to sensitivity to dust or post eye surgery).

While the lenses are anti-fog, any water inside the goggles can cause them to steam up, so be sure to wipe them out when putting your goggles on in the pool. As with the case of any other swim goggles, while they may be ultra comfortable for a majority of wearers, they may also simply not fit well for some individuals. Fortunately, smaller products such as these are usually painless to return when purchased from a well-known retailers. Also, in the rare event of a defect, SealBuddy will quickly replace the product.

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Speedo Hydrospex Swim Goggles

Speedo has a reputation in the sporting world for quality, and the Hydrospex is a prime example of why. The soft, hypoallergenic TPR frame provides the most comfortable fit among swim goggles, while the split silicone strap includes the Speed Fit Headstrap system for fast size adjustments. Meanwhile, the shatter-resistant lexan lenses are of eyeglass quality and feature 95 percent UVA and UVB protection and anti-fogging. In fact, the Hydrospex goggles are considered by many to be the best anti-fog swim goggles out there at this price point. Finally, the six month manufacturer’s defect warranty ensures you’ll never have to settle for a broken pair.

Swimmers have been using this model for years, and most long-term customers return to buy another pair when their’s have worn out. They make for an excellent pair of pool goggles, although they are not the best for deep open water or snorkeling use. The design of these goggles do have one major drawback that prevents them from being the best. As the nose bridge isn’t extendable, these goggles will not fit some people with a larger nose or wider face. This can also lead to leakage or other usage problems.

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TOP PICK (for Kids):

Swim Elite Kids’ Swim Goggles

When choosing the best kid swim goggles, comfort and protection are top priority. Swim Elite has kept this in mind, creating stylish goggles perfect for your 2 to 8 year old. The attention to detail begins with a soft, odorless, hypoallergenic silicone frame and nose piece. An easily adjustable strap allows the goggles to grow with your child so you won’t need to buy new goggles every year, and the overall design allows for a great fit without hair snagging or suction marks.

The impact resistant, anti-fog lenses give a 180 degree view and 100 percent UV protection. The goggle frames are available in blue, green, and pink and come packaged in a car-shaped hard case to make carrying the goggles safe and fun. Swim Elite’s no-questions money back guarantee means you can easily return their product if needed.

Like all wearable equipment, these goggles fit most, but not all face types. However, both the goggles and their brightly-colored case are a hit among families. As with life jackets for small kids, getting your kiddo to want to wear them is sometimes the biggest challenge. Swim Elite understands this and make their goggles fun to wear. Parents who have shopped around find the ridged straps hold tight much better than the smooth straps of most other brands. The durability and bright colors make these the best goggles for swimming among kids.

While no perfect swim goggles for kids exist that will fit every child perfectly, these are the best we’ve found. If for some reason the fit is too tight (red circles around the eyes), something like the Aqua Sphere Vista Junior or Frogglez goggles might be a better option. Also, some parents may find the car case a bit gimicky but the truth is that most kids seem to love it.

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Speedo Junior Hydrospex Swim Goggles

Speedo knows that different ages require different sizes but the same quality. That’s why they have released a junior version of their popular Hydrospex goggles. The soft, hypoallergenic TPR frame is sized for smaller faces and features a split silicone head strap with quick-adjust Speed Fit clips so your child can get into the water more quickly. The mirrored anti-fog lenses protect against both UVA and UVB radiation, while the mirrored surface reduces glare without affecting visibility.

Children of all ages have made good use of these goggles. Parents may need to help their younger children at first, but older kids can put on the goggles by themselves with ease. The adjustable straps and flexible frame allow these goggles to be worn on most head sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these goggles are not the best-suited to competitive use (if your child is into that), but provide excellent protection for normal use in pools and other small bodies of water.

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