Top 5 Baby Pool Floats for Infants to Toddlers

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With hot weather fast approaching, everyone is going to want to be in the water. Babies of all ages love the water, and it’s great if the whole family can enjoy swimming together. Even if you have the best baby pool float with all the safety features, you need to always supervise your baby. An accident can happen at any time so you always need to be within an arm’s reach.

Introducing your infant or young toddler to the water at soon as possible is not only fun, it’s helps them to become a bit more comfortable water for when it’s time for swimming lessons. For older toddlers (25+ pounds), who ARE ready to start swimming, a good toddler swimming vest is the next step.

Our 5 Favorite Infant Pool Floats

ProductAge RangeCanopy?Colors
SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center9-24 monthsYes2
SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float3-9 monthsYes2
Topist Baby Inflatable Swimming Ring3-9 monthsYes1
SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy9-24 monthsYes3
Waitiee Inflatable Swimming Float Ring3-30 monthsNo2

Baby Pool Float Reviews

#1 – SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center is recommended for babies ages 9-24 months. It’s the perfect way to introduce your little one to the pool! It has an adorable built-in play station that your baby will love!

Your baby will stay busy playing with the toys and splashing and kicking in the water, while you will appreciate the large detachable canopy that protects baby from the sun with SPF 50.

We love that this baby float folds easily for storage and comes with its own carrying case. Additional features of this float include child safety valves, dual air chambers and an inner spring for greater stability.

The soft mesh seat is very comfortable for baby and the fabric covered rings make it more durable and prevent it from getting hot in the sun.

Although this float is recommended for babies over 9 months, many owners noted that they used the float for babies even younger with constant supervision and extra support from mom or dad.

Several moms stated that the dual rings on this float make it extra stable and it was super easy to inflate and set up. It’s often recommended that those with older babies inflate it completely full so your baby doesn’t weigh it down in the water.

While we don’t exactly recommend this, one user said that this float worked great for them at the beach. They went out past the wave break and their baby just floated on the waves in his floatie with dad holding on to it at all times. So much better than holding him in your arms and having him get splashed in the face every time a wave comes up.

Some parents do find that the seat on this floatie was a little deep and babies who could not sit up on their own had to have some additional support. Other users were also disappointed that the toys weren’t attached to anything and their baby was constantly dropping them in the pool. Although if you also have an older child, they’d probably love diving down to get the toys.

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#2 – SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float

The SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float is recommended for babies ages 3-9 months, so it’s a great infant pool float. Unlike typical floats which have 2 holes for baby’s legs to go through, this one features a soft seat that cradles your baby on top of the float and has a 3-point harness for safety.

Your baby can get a little wet in this floatie, but he is not actually in the water. It’s great for very young babies that can’t sit up yet. Much better than having to hold them the entire time you’re in the water!

It has a wide base and patented inner spring for greater stability. Additional safety features include dual inflation chambers and child safety valves, as well as a durable fabric cover.

We love that it has built-in handles for mom or dad to hold on to! The floatie folds flat for storage and comes with a carry case and also features a removable canopy with SPF 50 sun protection. This float packs compactly for travel and is well worth bringing on vacation.

Several moms said that their babies love this float so much that they fall asleep in it! They even used it as a place for baby to lay on the beach under the sun shade or on the deck by the pool. The majority of uses found it to be very sturdy and stable in the water.

Some users felt that the sun shade on this floatie should be bigger so that they didn’t have to constantly turn the floatie to keep the baby’s face out of the sun. There were also a few that were disappointed that their baby didn’t stay COMPLETELY dry in this floatie. But all in all, both moms and babies love this floatie!

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#3 – Topist Baby Inflatable Swimming Ring

Parents of older babies will want to consider the Topist Baby Inflatable Swimming Ring. This baby flotation device is recommended for babies ages 6-36 months, and it’s one of the best toddler floats we’ve found.

This pool float with canopy has an adorable bumper boat design with a steering wheel and a horn that beeps. The colors are very bright and it is made of durable PVC.

It’s easy to inflate and quick to deflate for storage. The float folds flat and comes with a carry bag for travel. We love that the canopy is completely adjustable and removable! Keep it on when you’re at the beach or in your backyard pool, or take it off at an indoor pool.

The Topist swim ring seems quite stable and the large safety seat is very comfortable for baby. The float is designed with a large outer ring and it has two handles for stability.

Owners of this inflatable say that it is high quality and very strong and durable. Moms love that they can have the baby in the pool with them and enjoy the water, without having to hold the baby the entire time. They felt that their babies were perfectly safe in the float, with constant supervision, of course.

Babies love that they can kick their feet in the water and play with the little steering wheel while they honk the horn. Many users were surprised how compact it packs and they love it for travel and use in the hotel pool. Combining water with bright colors and a steering wheel is a combination few toddlers can refuse.

As with other pool floats, a few users did comment that the canopy on this floatie should have been bigger to keep the sun off of their baby’s face better. To better protect your little one, a simple lightweight sun hat is recommended.

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#4 – SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

Yet another SwimWays model (we’re obviously fans), this Baby Spring Float is made for ages 9-24 months. The soft mesh seat allows your baby to kick his feet in the water while he floats around in the pool.

Safety features on this baby pool float with canopy include dual air chambers and child safety valves. It has a low center of gravity and an inner spring that make it more stable in the water. It folds compactly for travel and goes right back into it’s convenient storage bag.

There is an adjustable, removable canopy on this floatie and it has an SPF of 50. The fabric covered rings add durability and the soft mesh seat is very comfortable for your baby. A mesh play space is included for holding baby’s toys. Your baby will love to practice kicking in the water!

Most users found this floatie to be very easy to inflate, but there were some that complained of issues with the blow-up valve so be sure to give it a test run before heading out to the beach or pool. It deflates easily and then twists up (like a sunshade) for compact storage. It has its own mesh storage bag for travel, so it’s very easy to pack and carry.

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#5 – Waitiee Inflatable Swimming Float Ring

The Waitiee Baby Free Swimming Inflatable Swimming Float Ring is available in 3 sizes: Small for 3 to 9 months; Large for 6 to 30 months; X-Large for 2-6 years. Sometimes we wish there was an adult size!

This float comes in two cute, bright color options; purple and blue. It’s designed with a comfortable, inflatable backrest and a seatbelt for added safety. A swim float ring is a good way to get a baby used to wearing a life jacket later on.

We love that this floatie puts the baby in the perfect position for learning how to swim! The legs are free to kick, and the arms can reach the water too. The design makes it difficult for the baby to flip it over or dunk their head. The pump that comes with it makes it super easy to inflate.

Moms who purchased this floatie said that their babies loved the independence of being able to float in this floatie instead of being held all the time. They say that this floatie gives their babies more access to the water than any other float they’ve used. Reviewers found it to be sturdy and well made.

Some users stated that this floatie would be better if it had an adjustable strap. They also felt that a crotch strap would make the floatie safer.

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Are baby neck floats safe?

The dangers of baby neck floats are too great and therefore we do not recommend using a baby neck float to introduce your baby to the water. Since there is only one seam, if the seam fails on a baby’s neck float, they could quickly go under the water.

Are there any other types of baby pool float?

Baby float suits are another type of baby float. They are intended to teach your child how to swim. They give extra buoyancy while the baby is paddling, but very close supervision is required because a nonmoving baby will tip whichever way he leans. They will not keep baby’s face out of the water like a floatie does. See our review of the Splash About float suit.

Baby Pool Float Safety Tips

  • Your eyes and attention must be on the baby whenever he is in the water. Never turn your back on a baby in the water, not even when he’s in a floatie.
  • Stay within arm’s reach of your child always.
  • If you are going to be at the pool regularly with your child, learn CPR. Accidents happen quickly and you could end up saving the life of your child, or maybe even someone else’s.
  • Pool floats are just that… for the pool. If you plan on taking your family including baby out on a boat and dropping anchor for some swimming, a USCG approved baby life jacket is mandatory.

Baby pool floats are a great for introducing your baby to the water. You can have your arms free to swim and your baby will love it!

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  1. K says:

    Lol, seems like Swim Ways almost has a monopoly on baby pool floats! But, I’d have to agree that they’re the best. We used one for our first child and now looking to get another. Just can’t decide on the type…

  2. Sarah says:

    Really glad you mentioned the dangers of baby neck floats. I remember seeing a youtube video a couple years ago and still can’t get it out of my mind.

  3. Sam says:

    My daughter absolutely hated the Spring Float since she wanted so badly to have her legs in the water. Got her the other Swim Ways float and now she’s happy. Ended up giving the Spring Float to a friend of mine whose son had the exact opposite issue. Go figure!

  4. Pat Mahoney says:

    My daughter in law was concerned that the swimways #2 didn’t have a large enough shade. I’m trying to figure out a way to build (sew) something that will cover him completely in shade.

    • Alex says:

      All of the “covered” pool floats are fairly similar with how much surface area the shade has. The trick is to position them so the sun is behind them. Interesting idea about making a larger shade. Maybe one of the larger manufacturers will have that feature one day.

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